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Founded by an elite team of Big-tech industry engineers, experienced technology executive, and professor from the University of Cambridge. We have developed the technical research, and AI-powered software technology that is being deployed in our first prototype!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create

Socially Intelligent Humanoid Robots.

We envision the future where robots and humans co-exist in a deeply connected manner. Our vision is to blur the lines between humans and robots and create robots indistinguishable from humans.

2 Problems & 2 Solutions


Social Interactions

- Humans cannot connect with AI-powered tech because they are not able to visualize what they are interacting with.


- To facilitate deep connections between humans and robots, we need a human-like interface. Humanoid robots like Destiny are an ideal mechanism for connecting humans with robots in a deeply engaging manner. Moreover, humanoid robots can build a relationship that will last for decades.


General AI vs Narrow AI

- Currently, robots can only do specific/narrow tasks they are trained for. They are not able to do general tasks. For example, a robot that knows how to lift a box cannot easily start building boxes. This is one of the biggest problems in the robotics space.


- Our goal is to create robots that will go beyond doing narrow tasks and start doing more sophisticated (general) tasks. Robots can easily be trained to go from one task to a different task. We believe that if we create this technology this will be the single most valuable technology these days.

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