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Who Do You Play With? 4 Interesting Entertainment Robots

We enjoy spending time with our friends and family members. We like to talk, laugh, or sometimes fight with them. As we are ‘social animals’ we need to interact and have fun with somebody. But what if this ‘somebody’ is a robot not a real person?

Nowadays tech plays a big role in an entertaining industry and can bring a lot of joy to people. Entertaining robots are produced for providing pleasure and good emotions to us and they usually do not have other additional functions. There are different kinds of entertaining machines, robotic dogs and humanoid robots. In this article we will discuss some of the most popular and interesting ones.

Teksta (Tekno)

Source: Amazon

Teksta the Robotic Puppy is a robotic toy dog which was very popular once it was launched in the 2000s. It had 160 different functions and emotions and used to satisfy the imagination of kids about the tech future. Teksta was a robotic dog that kids would spend time with and enjoy having a pet without the need of daily care. Tekno could bark, sleep, walk and users could teach them to respond to their commands.

Tekno was named as the ‘best puppy for its value’. The next generation of entertaining pets have been developed and Teksta was followed by Tekno the Newborn Puppy, Kitty the Tekno Kitten, Baby Kitty the Tekno Newborn Kitten and daMouse the Tekno Mouse, Polly the Tekno Parrot, Rex and Steg, Fighting Tekno Dinosaurs, and others.


ASIMO, i.e. Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility is a humanoid robot that was created by Honda. It can recognize different objects and faces, surroundings, and sounds. Its abilities give the robot a good foundation to interact with people. ASIMO can understand commands of humans and respond accordingly.

ASIMO has traveled the world and got in touch with many international audiences. It visited museums, universities, exhibitions, etc. After its release ASIMO provided new intelligence technologies introducing the abilities of ASIMO robots to work together.

Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis ball machine automatically shoots balls to a player and allows one to practice. It saves the energy of a coach while guiding a sportsman through the training and at the same time allows single players to train or enjoy playing alone.

Recently the world’s first robotic tennis ball collector has been introduced. If you’ve ever practiced playing tennis, probably you’ve experienced collecting balls as the most boring part of the process. These autonomous robots save time for players and coaches and help to enjoy playing more. For now, the robot is costly, but the performance it offers is quite innovative and at the same time useful. Besides being useful for entertaining purposes, it can importantly save the efforts of professional sportsmen.

Source: Amazon

Intelligent Robot Toys

Smart toys that are intelligent robot toys, entertain humans through various developed functions and the ability to learn. They can sing, dance and have different multimedia capabilities. Together with the play value they also have educational features. Through the developed built-in technology programs, they play educational games with kids, letting them learn while playing.

There is a big variety of intelligent robot toys. Prices are affordable and parents can purchase them for their kids.


Despite having various entertaining robots around the world, most of social robots are not used for day-to-day tasks. Destiny aims to be a multi-functional robot that will not only be able to entertain users, but also to help them physically and emotionally.

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