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Destiny Robotics is on Wefunder - You Can Now Become a Part of the Turning Point in the World!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

We are glad to share that Destiny Robotics crowdfunding campaign is officially launched at Wefunder. People who believe in a future with robots are welcome to become a part of the change. Not only big companies should be able to build robots, but everyone should also be able to use next-generation robotics tools.

Destiny Robotics is developing socially intelligent humanoid robot assistants. We are currently developing our robot's initial prototype. The goal of Destiny Robotics is to give personal assistance and trustworthy companions to 500+ million people in need of automated helpers and intends to revolutionize the estimated $189.3 Billion Robotics Technology Market.

You can invest now and become one of the first ones supporting the innovative technology that everybody will soon start talking about.

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